My previous company helped office based surgery facilities get accredited so that they could bill and collect a facility fee. They also helped negotiate contracts with private payers such as United and Aetna. Last year we started Accreditation Helper to help DME providers get accredited and ultimately our goal is to help them get into the networks of the private payers also.



some companies are help

From: John Noels, 04/23/19

from my experience, I have learned that many companies are supportive and few are not supportive. My Assignment Help

Accreditation of DME in a Physician Office

From: Noonrt, 03/20/19

I hope every user will get the accreditation of assignment help experts physicians details. The physician office info you must read and catch for understanding their importance.


From: adnan, 01/03/19


From: adnan, 01/03/19


Pediatrician selling breast pumps

From: Walter Morgan, 07/10/14

I work with a pediatric practice in Florida. We are providing lactation services and would like to sell breast pumps. If we write a prescription, the Moms are having a hard time finding a DME provider that can bill the insurance carrier. The ones that can don't want to do it because it is a low margin item and the delivery destroys any profit. What kind of licensure does a doctor need to sell breast pumps to commercial insurance companies? I get a different answer everytime I speak with someone.

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