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I highly recommend Accreditation Helper to any DME needing a fast, easy, low cost way to get accredited with The Joint Commission.”

— Randy Millican,
Clear Choice Home Medical Equipment,
San Antonio, Texas

“Accreditation Helper helps me navigate the mind-boggling array of standards and changes to standards required to maintain accreditation. Accreditation Helper is exactly what small companies like ours need. I’d be lost without them.

— Chick Todd,
Performance Improvement Manager,
Hawaii Home Infusion Associates, Inc
Kauai, Oahu & Guam

“Survey Ready 24/7” is not a cliché at Border Mobility, Inc., it is a way of life. “We never would have been initially survey ready, nor would we be survey ready today, if it were not for the tireless effort and professionalism of our excellent Consultant Jill Martin. We are where we are today because of Jill Martin. As a leader in the DME field, were are honored to be accredited by the Joint Commission and associated with Accreditation Helper.”

— F. Richard Leach, CEO
McAllen, Texas


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