Accreditation Helper is run by industry veterans who know
how to combine computers and people to create exceptional systems.

Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson, CEO, has been an executive in healthcare IT for over 30 years. He was a founder of Cost Containment Systems in 1978, which developed the first operating room management system and negotiated the merger with Serving Software in 1989. He served as director from 1989 to 1994. Serving Software went public in 1992 and was acquired by HBO & Co in 1994. He has been on the forefront of web services development since 1994 when he was the founder, CEO and Chairman of In 2001 he joined Validare and served as VP Business Development until 2004 when he became President. Validare developed a web services model for helping office based surgery facilities prepare for accreditation. He is a co-founder of Accreditation Helper.

Catherine Clinehens

Catherine Clinehens is Vice President of Accreditation Services for Accreditation Helper LLC. Catherine has worked in the home medical equipment industry for the past twenty years with a focus on organizational development. She has a wealth of knowledge in reimbursement, regulatory, and quality processes, and works with suppliers to achieve or retain their accreditation status. She has been Director of Compliance for a national healthcare company, Senior Vice President for The MED Group, and an independent consultant for Quality Resources.

Jill Martin

Jill Martin, RRT has been an accreditation Helper since joining the company in early 2008. Since then she has supported over 100 clients through successful accreditation surveys using the company’s Prepare service. Additionally she provides ongoing consulting to many of Accreditation Helper’s already accredited clients using the company’s CARE services.

Jill has worked in the healthcare industry for over 23 years as a respiratory therapist, physical therapist assistant and a custom mobility specialist. Prior to joining Accreditation Helper, for 8 years she worked as the regulatory compliance officer and the Performance Improvement Director of a home medical equipment company and helped it through three successful Joint Commission surveys.