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A Case Study: Marketing Accreditation

On May 28, 2008 Accreditation Helper (AH) received an email from Ed Barrett, VP Marketing, Care Rehab, stating that they were looking for assistance in obtaining accreditation from CHAP. Care Rehab offers a comprehensive line of safe, effective, easy-to-use, cutting edge medical devices, including traction products, electrotherapy products, biofeedback products and supplies, through a network of physical therapists and independent sales people.

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January 31st CMS Deadline to apply for DME Accreditation

Well, I was more optimistic than CMS about the preparation time for accreditation. They have now announced that you must apply for accreditation by January 31st rather than my April prediction.

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It’s September and the Accreditation Clock is Ticking

The official and final, we really mean it, no kidding, cross your heart hope to die, date for DME accreditation is September 30, 2009. But wait, CMS is saying that there will be an earlier deadline for applications to be filed.

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Physician Office DME Accreditation

I did see that on Friday and talked to The Joint Commission about their plans.

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Accreditation of DME in a Physician Office

My previous company helped office based surgery facilities get accredited so that they could bill and collect a facility fee. They also helped negotiate contracts with private payers such as United and Aetna. Last year we started Accreditation Helper to help DME providers get accredited and ultimately our goal is to help them get into the networks of the private payers also.

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